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Breast Reconstruction and You: Everybody’s Doing It, So Why Don’t We? --- My post for LBBB


Meet Kitt

Meet Kitt, our founder, and the watch a bit on why and how she created the Kitt Allan brand. Kitt is an experienced executive and a happy mom who fought breast cancer during her pregnancy. When the recovery began, she realized that there was no longer any beauty for her in the lingerie department. Determined to enjoy a fulfilling life, Kitt created her own line of intimates for cancer survivors and all women looking for charm in any size and shape.   

Musings on our First Weekend on Kickstarter and Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Fall Conference & Yoga on the Steps

Thanks for all your love and support! I have been so moved to see the likes, shares, comments, and dollars for the first weekend of our Kickstarter. I decided to launch this campaign while I was at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) Fall Conference and Yoga on the Steps events. LBBC is one of my two partners and meeting with other survivors there and hearing their stories was amazing and absolutely reinforced why I'm doing what I'm doing.We are all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.We are your mothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, and survivor-sisters.     At Yoga on the...

Thanks Hilary Russo!

Summer of Empowerment: Creating The Ripple Effect

“A single compliment can be a pebble dropped into still water. Let’s watch the ripples spread. Let’s turn the ripples into waves. Let’s all believe it.”

Meet Our Partner: Living Beyond Breast Cancer

At Kitt Allan, 10% of each sale goes to organizations working in breast cancer research and providing support to survivors and to those who are fighting. We are very proud of our partners, appreciate their mission, and cherish their trust. One of them is Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is dedicated to assisting you, whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recently completed treatment, are years beyond or are living with metastatic breast cancer. We are also here for your family members, caregivers, friends and healthcare providers to provide breast cancer information and support.  As a national education...